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  1. This is a freely accessible union catalogue of digital resources.
  2. A major statistical portal offering the OECD's publications catalogue online. Comprises 20 thematic book collections, 24 periodicals, 3 reference titles and 24 OECD statistical databases - all in full text.
  3. OpenDOAR is an authoritative directory of academic open access repositories. OpenDOAR is maintained by SHERPA Services, based at the Centre for Research Communications at the University of Nottingham.
  4. OpenLaws is a network of legislation, case law, legal literature and legal experts both on a national and a European level leading to better access to legal information. The openlaws Internet platform is based on open data, open innovation and open source software.
  5. Provides fulltext access to the journals of the Optical Society of America. Timespan: 1917 onwards.
  6. ORBi stands for "Open Repository and Bibliography" and is a project run by the University of Liege. It contains references for all publications by ULg members, backdated to 2002, and is the repository of the full electronic version of all articles published by ULg members, backdated to 2002.
  7. It is an online indexing and search service that contains over 10,000 abstracts from more than 20 global Occupational Therapy journals since 1970.
  8. OT Search is primarily a bibliographic index to help you query and identify documents related to a specific topic. It is a bibliographic system for Occupational Therapy.
  9. This resource is also known as Grove Art Online.
  10. Oxford Dictionaries Pro is an extensive, integrated, smart-linked English language resource. It offers quick search access to definitions of words, phrases, and idioms, with expert guidance on style and usage, grammar, and spelling; plus specialist guides for legal and technical writing.
  11. It is a collection of 55,000 specially written biographies, which describe the lives of people who shaped the history of the British Isles and beyond.
  12. The OED is the accepted authority on the evolution of the English language over the last millennium covering words from across the English-speaking world.
  13. Oxford Handbooks in Business & Management bring together the world's leading scholars to discuss research and the latest thinking in a range of major topics in business and management.
    Please note that we have access to titles published between Sept 2009 and May 2010 only, and their updates until Jan 2012.
  14. Oxford Handbooks in Philosophy bring together the world's leading scholars to discuss the latest thinking in a range of major topics in philosophy.
  15. Oxford Handbooks in Political Science bring together the world's leading scholars to discuss research and the latest thinking in a range of major topics in political science.
    No full text access - abstracts and keywords of items only. Not subscribed to.
  16. Oxford Handbooks in Religion bring together the world's leading scholars to discuss research and the latest thinking in a range of major topics in religion.
  17. Full text of 200 Oxford University Press journals in all subject areas.
  18. OUP has been publishing OA content since 2004.
  19. Through Oxford Medicine Online we have access to the full text of nine Oxford Handbook titles viz. Acute Medicine; Cardiology; Clinical Examination and Practical Skills; Emergency Medicine; Geriatric Medicine; Paediatrics; Psychiatry; Respiratory Medicines and Adolescent Mental Health Disorders.
  20. Grove Music Online has been the leading online resource for music research since its inception in 2001. Now the cornerstone of Oxford Music Online, a subscription to Grove Music Online also includes The Oxford Companion to Music, and The Oxford Dictionary of Music.
  21. Oxford Reference Online brings together language and subject reference works from one of the world's biggest reference publishers into a single cross-searchable resource.