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Euromonitor's Passport database provides data and reports on consumers, markets, companies, and economies in over 350 markets and 207 countries. Passport includes:

  • data on consumer trends in 100 countries, including drinking and eating habits, spending patterns, and crime and culture indicators;
  • market size data on 330 consumer products in 80-100 countries, often with a 5-year forecast;
  • profiles and market shares of 3,000 leading fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies worldwide;
  • market profiles for 8 of the world's leading industrialized countries;
  • thousands of market reports offering strategic analysis of consumer lifestyles, service and retail markets, global industry overviews, and in-depth consumer markets; and
  • source information to allow for direct contact with the associations, publications, and institutions used by Euromonitor's analysts.

Our Passport subscription also includes the Passport Industrial -- Canada module with reports on 160 Canadian industries. To find this module within the database...

  • click on Economies, then on Industrial to get to the main Passport-Industrial launch page to browse the reports, articles, and statistics on Canadian industries;
  • or: keyword search for ISIC to see the 160 reports on Canadian industries;
  • or: click on Search Full Tree, then choose Economic and Consumer Topics > Industrial (Entire Economy) from the menu to get to the many statistics tables.

The Passport Industrial -- Canada module was made possible by a generous grant from the Birks Family Foundation and is currently funded to Dec. 31, 2017.

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Further help is available within the database. Click on Help to get assistance navigating, searching, and working with the statistical tables and text reports.

For assistance citing information retrieved from Passport, try the Passport GMID section of our Citation Guide for Business Sources (APA-6th ed.).

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permission "to reproduce a reasonable portion of any individual work or item within [the database] ... All materials in which the Intelligence is reproduced shall attribute the extracted Intelligence to Euromonitor International in the following form: "source: Euromonitor International 2007". 
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