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GEOBASE provides comprehensive bibliographic references to important journals in the fields of physical and human geography, geology, mineralogy, ecology and development studies. It is the only database in these fields to include abstracts. International in scope, it includes unique records published in Elsevier's Geographical Abstracts (both Physical and Human), Geological Abstracts, Ecological Abstracts, International Development Abstracts, and Oceanographic Literature Review. This interdisciplinary coverage makes it an ideal tool for researching environmental issues.

Materials indexed: Journals, books, monographs, reports, and theses

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1980-01-01 to current 
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Twice a month 
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Geographical Abstracts (1960-2001; G1 G458; Bennett Reference Indexes)
International Development Abstracts (1985-1997; HC 59.69 I57; Bennett Reference Indexes) 
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Archaeology, Biological Sciences, Communication, Earth Sciences, Economics, First Nations, Geography, Geography, Human, Geography, Physical, Geography, Spatial Information Science, Health Policy, International Studies, Public Policy, Resource & Environmental Management, Sustainable Community Development, Urban Studies 
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