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Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT)

Use these databases as a start for your research. Depending on what you're looking for, you may also want to use the databases listed under Computing Science, Contemporary Arts, and Engineering Science. For more information or assistance, please see the Interactive Arts and Technology Guide.

Top Resources

  1. Index to literature on design and craft since the mid-19th century. Research articles are covered, along with topical news items, conference and seminar reports, and book, video and exhibition reviews.
  2. The ACM's (Association for Computing Machinery) fulltext journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, and special interest group (SIG) newsletters. Includes technical and social aspects of computing technologies. Access the ACM Online Guide, a comprehensive bibliographic database on computing, via the Advanced Search function.
  3. Publications from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET, formerly the IEE.) Document types include books, journals, conference proceedings, and standards. Topic areas include electrical and computer engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, physics, and materials science.
  4. Thousands of in-depth step-by-step video tutorials, taught by experts, on software development, design practices, business skills, web development, and photography.
  5. Indexes core journal articles, conference proceedings, and other resources in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities, can be used for citation analysis of research. A citation index contains the references cited by the authors of the publications covered by the index. You can use these references to do a cited reference search. This type of search enables you to find works that cite a previously published work.

Other Resources

  1. Multidisciplinary index to academic & popular journals.
  2. The Audio Engineering Society (AES) E-Library includes convention and conference papers, JAES journal articles, and engineering briefs on the subject of audio technology. Coverage: 1953-present.
  3. Alternative, radical, and Left publications which report and analyze the practices and theories of cultural, economic, political, and social change. Includes both popular media publications and peer-reviewed journals.
  4. Covers a range of journals on applied science and technology topics; includes some material on design.
  5. Periodicals, journals, and reproduction of images covering fine, decorative and commercial art, folk art, photography, film, and architecture. Coverage from 1997-present is full-text; indexed coverage goes back to 1984.
  6. Contains abstracts of architecture and design journals from 1900-1986; digitized issues of 19th and 20th century art journals; profiles of individual designers, artists, architects, craftspeople, and studios who are featured in these journal publications; and research resources on poster design, including digitized historical posters.
  7. Very large repository of digital images documenting artistic heritage and visual culture from around the world. Special tools are available within the database to support educators and researchers, including shared folders and personalized collections, through the ARTstor Instructor Privileges service.
  8. Art bibliography covering European and American visual arts from late antiquity to the present. Includes records on material published between 1975 - 2007. The database contains records drawn from journals, as well as books, conference proceedings, essays, exhibition catalogues, selected art dealers catalogues, doctoral dissertations and microform publications.
  9. Bibliographical information (including: periodical title, author, volume/issue number, pages) for articles about various aspects of music in Canada, published in Canadian music journals, newsletters and magazines from the late 19th century to present. Significant articles about international artists since 1999 are also indexed.
  10. Full text access to major Canadian daily newspapers (such as the Globe and Mail, National Post, The Gazette (Montreal), and Vancouver Sun) as well as small market newspapers and weeklies published in Canada.
  11. A digital library and search engine that focuses on the literature in computer and information science. Provides additional resources such as algorithms, data, metadata, services, techniques, and software that can be used to promote other digital libraries.
  12. Covers journals in the fields of communication, mass media studies, linguistics and film. Many major journals have indexing, abstracts, PDFs and searchable citations from their first issues to the present (dating as far back as 1915).
  13. Journal and conference proceeding publications in the field of computer aided architectural design. Many articles available in full-text; some records only provide article information (including abstracts).
  14. Streaming video of dance productions & documentaries by the most influential performers and companies of the 20th century. Selections cover ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, experimental, improvisational dance, and modern concert dance.
  15. Database collecting documentation of digital installation art. Includes computer animation, interactive art, net art, transgenic art, sound installation, bio art, and more.
  16. Subject coverage includes film & television theory, preservation & restoration, screenwriting, production, cinematography, technical aspects, and reviews. In addition to indexing and full-text access to journals, this resource includes Variety movie reviews from 1914 to the present and over 36,300 images from the MPTV Image Archive.
  17. References articles in film and television journals and magazines.
  18. Online tutorials providing professional-level instruction in design, drawing, sculpting, painting, modeling, lighting, rendering, texturing, rigging, storyboarding, animation, and other areas related to visual effects.

    NOT licensed for public performance.

  19. Bibliography on the design, evaluation and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use
  20. Articles published in over 350 English-language periodicals. Topics include: Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Communications, Community Health, Economics, Geography, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Planning & Public Administration, Religion & Theology, Minority Studies, Performing Arts, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, Urban Studies etc.
  21. Access to IEEE Wiley and MIT Press E-books on the IEEE Xplore platform.
  22. International periodicals covering classical and popular music. Includes journal articles, book reviews, record reviews, first performances, and obituaries.
  23. Large library of online recordings of classical music. Also includes jazz and world music recordings, along with other genres.
  24. Films produced by the National Film Board of Canada (streaming online). Includes documentaries, animation and alternative dramas. Note: To access to CAMPUS features (e.g. learning bundles, study guides, searching by school subject), SFU users may contact to request the activation key.

    Authorized Users may access the Website and the Content outside of the premises of Subscriber’s educational institution solely for bona fide educational and research purposes, including presentations by student teachers conducted as part of a practicum.

  25. Access to archived websites in earlier, contemporaneous software environments. is a specialized, lightweight browser-emulation framework which connects web archives operating via the Memento standardlike the Rhizome ArtBase, but also the Internet Archive's Wayback Machineto retro browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mosaic, and Netscape.
  26. Multidisciplinary collection of journals and periodicals for the performing arts. It covers drama, theater, dance, film, and television.
  27. E-book almanacs that present trends, technologies, companies, analysis, and forecasts for a variety of industries.
  28. Worlds most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from around the world. Historic and ongoing coverage.
  29. Articles, books, book chapters, technical reports, and theses and dissertations in the field of psychology and the psychological aspects of other disciplines such as education, health, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, business, and law.
  30. Online exhibition venue and archive of new media and born-digital art practices. Research tools include an archive of new media art works in the ArtBase, as well as articles, reviews, and images.
  31. The ArtBase is Rhizome's archive of digital art and new media, freely accessible to the public online. It preserves works of net art that were deemed to be "of potential historical significance." Encompassing projects from artists all over the world, the ArtBase archives work which employ materials such as software, code, websites, moving images, games, and browsers.
  32. Leased, rotating collection of technology, digital media, and business books; educational videos included as well. Both trade (eg, O'Reilly) and academic publishers (CRC, Wiley) in collection. Requires separate login.
  33. Search or browse a wide variety of sources on research methods, including ebooks, articles, reference sources, and videos. Also includes research tools and instructional content.
  34. Videos on all aspects of the research process and methods. Also covers practical skills such as project management and writing for publication.
  35. Royalty free sound effects from Sound Ideas as WAV files for synchronization with other media. Sound effects include: isolated sounds, specialty effects, foley sounds and background ambiences.
    Sound Ideas are available as WAV files on: SFU Bennett/Belzberg Library computers, Mac laptops for loan in the SFU Fraser Library in Surrey (for SIAT students ONLY), computer labs at SFU Surrey, and computer labs at SFU Woodward's.
  36. Searchable catalog for identifying sound effects from the royalty free CDs produced by Sound Ideas. Does not include actual files. To learn about using the listed information to locate a sound effect file on SFU Library Computers or in CD format, see the Finding Sound Effect Files guide.
  37. Access to e-books from SPIE.
  38. Covers a wide-range of history and criticism. Includes full-text access to The Comics Journal, as well as interviews, criticism, images, and journal articles that document the continual growth and evolution of this art form.
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