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This is a ranked, selective list of databases for Economics topics. For more resource recommendations for Economics, see the Economics Resources page or contact Mark Bodnar, Economics Liaison Librarian

Top Resources

  1. Index to economics journals and working papers.
  2. Thousands of business journals, industry magazines, and industry & market reports.
  3. Indexes core journal articles, conference proceedings, and other resources in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities, can be used for citation analysis of research. A citation index contains the references cited by the authors of the publications covered by the index. You can use these references to do a cited reference search. This type of search enables you to find works that cite a previously published work.
  4. Time series of Canadian data from CHASS
  5. Several economics, business, and demographic publications by BC Stats (the British Columbia Statistical Agency).
  6. A statistical picture of the BC economy on a national accounts basis.
  7. A central repository and dissemination service for machine-readable social science data. ICPSR supplies social science data files for use with statistical software, such as SAS or SPSS.
  8. Images from 61,000 works of literature on economic and business published from 1450 through 1850.
  9. Standard source for quantitative indicators of American history with over 37,000 data series.
  10. Time series for Canadian and world trade data
  11. Complete archive of the The Economist from 1843 with a 4 year embargo on current content.
  12. Comprehensive collection of data relevant for the analysis of world trade, investment and development.
  13. undata provides selected series from 30 specialized international data sources for all available countries and areas.
  14. Covers agriculture and allied disciplines.

Other Resources

  1. Multidisciplinary index to academic & popular journals.
  2. BCC Research reports provide market analysis and forecasting on a wide range of major emerging technological and scientific developments.
  3. Canadian government publications.
  4. Manuscript material relating to activities and observations of individuals from the UK and US in China from 1793 to 1980.
  5. Human and physical geography.
  6. History of the world outside of Canada & the United States.
  7. Search or browse contents of scholarly journals
  8. Access to International Historical Statistics covering 1750-2010.
  9. Searchable, archival collection of core academic articles, books, and primary sources in arts, humanities and social sciences.
  10. Reviews and abstracts of books, articles and conference proceedings on mathematics, statistics, and computing science
  11. A data discovery tool that provides researchers with the ability to search for survey questions and variables across hundreds of datasets held in a number of collections. Simple data analysis may also be performed.
  12. The online edition of The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics.
  13. Formerly SourceOECD, OECD iLibrary provides electronic access to books, periodicals and statistics published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  14. Demographic literature
  15. Theoretical and applied sociology, social science, and policy science.
  16. A statistics portal that integrates statistics from thousands of sources and provides simple exports of both data and charts in multiple formats.
  17. Online access to data and reports from Statistics Canada.
  18. Guides to Statistics Canada publications and data.
  19. Financial & economic data on companies, commodities, countries, markets, and industries, and analytic and charting tools.
  20. Statistics and indicators on gender, population and social development.
  21. A new online companion to Atlas of Global Development, third edition.
  22. Direct access to more than 600 development indicators with time series for 208 countries
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