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Political Science

This is a selected list of databases, dictionaries and reference works for Political Science research. For further assistance in finding information on your topic or for help with a specific database, contact Mike McIntosh, Liaison Librarian for Political Science at or 778.782.5043.

Top Resources

  1. Political Science Complete (PSC) contains full text for over 480 journals, and indexing and abstracts for nearly 2,100 titles.
  2. Covers political science articles published in scholarly journals and yearbooks worldwide.
  3. The Encyclopedia of Political Science online edition.

Other Resources

  1. Multidisciplinary index to academic & popular journals.
  2. Alternative & radical media
  3. Canadian & United States history
  4. Arctic and other cold regions.
  5. This database offers access to the full text of over 350 Canadian newspapers from Canada's leading publishers.
  6. Canadian government publications.
  7. Manuscript material relating to activities and observations of individuals from the UK and US in China from 1793 to 1980.
  8. Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)
  9. Important papers generated by the Foreign and Colonial Offices.
  10. Index to all aspects of criminal justice, including psychological.
  11. List of available BC government publications.
  12. The Digital National Security Archive contains a comprehensive set of declassified government documents central to U.S. foreign and military policy since 1945.
  13. Index to economics journals and working papers.
  14. By Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex (U.K). Includes research & policy documents on ageing, population, climate change, corporate social responsibility, debt relief, food security, gender, globalization, health and more.
  15. Europa World is the online version of the Europa World Year Book.
  16. This database combines over 35,000 sources (newspapers, newswires, industry publications, websites, company reports, and more) from 200 countries (including Canada and France), in 26 languages.
  17. Translated foreign broadcasts and news
  18. The complete British Foreign Office Files dealing with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan between 1949-1980.
  19. Material relevant to the study of global history and trade.
  20. Relationship between human beings and the environment. Use Citation Finder to locate the items
  21. Bibliography on social sciences and humanities topics on Latin America.
  22. History of the world outside of Canada & the United States.
  23. All of the papers issued by the British House of Commons between 1801-1900 in all formats. More than 184,000 searchable full text documents. HCPP currently contains indexing for 1801-2004, full text for the entire 19th century, full text for 1901-1978 and indexing and full text for 2004-2006. The remainder of the 20th century content (1979-2004) will be completed by Spring 2007
  24. Source documents on cultures of the world.
  25. International Development Research Centre project information including project titles, abstracts and funding information
  26. Jane's Intelligence Review delivers intelligence and analysis on the most critical and decisive international security issues and country risks.
  27. A set of digitized newspapers, journals, and magazines originally published by the alternative press during the 1960s, '70s and '80s.
    The full collection is available to funding libraries during the funding/digitization campaign (through December 2018), Simon Fraser University is a funding library. The collection will become open access in January 2019.

    A limited number of publications are open access for public viewing now.

  28. A database with extensive monographs, manuscripts, newspapers, periodicals and photographs about Indigenous populations in North America.
  29. Investment Arbitration Reporter is an electronic news service tracking cross-border arbitration between foreign investors and their host governments.
  30. The Ipsos Canadian Public Affairs Dataverse is a repository of over 60 Ipsos Canada surveys that shed light on Canadian culture, politics, and society.
  31. Polls, public opinion and research information on international topics including politics, technology, health, finance, consumer products and consumer trends.
  32. Searchable, archival collection of core academic articles, books, and primary sources in arts, humanities and social sciences.
  33. A monthly digest of worldwide political and economic affairs.
  34. KnowBC was launched in 2001 as the online edition of Harbour Publishing’s Encyclopedia of British Columbia (EBC).
  35. International news coverage, business news, legal cases and law reports.
  36. The LLMC-Digital Law Library database includes over 6,000 titles in more than 73,000 volumes (over 45 million pages) covering the U.S. , Canada, and a range of other jurisdictions
  37. Images from 61,000 works of literature on economic and business published from 1450 through 1850.
  38. Formerly SourceOECD, OECD iLibrary provides electronic access to books, periodicals and statistics published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  39. Demographic literature
  40. Current issues of newspapers from around the world.
  41. Humanities and social science ebooks and journals.
  42. Multidisciplinary social sciences index which allows citation searching.
  43. Covers all types of official United Nations documentation.
  44. undata provides selected series from 30 specialized international data sources for all available countries and areas.
  45. Contains the texts of over 158,000 records of bilateral and multilateral treaties and subsequent treaty actions
  46. Indexes core journal articles, conference proceedings, and other resources in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities, can be used for citation analysis of research. A citation index contains the references cited by the authors of the publications covered by the index. You can use these references to do a cited reference search. This type of search enables you to find works that cite a previously published work.
  47. A new online companion to Atlas of Global Development, third edition.
  48. Direct access to more than 600 development indicators with time series for 208 countries
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