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Top Resources

  1. Citations to scholarly literature in linguistics, modern languages, folklore, literary theory & criticism, and dramatic arts; historical aspects of printing and publishing, rhetoric and composition; and, the theory and practice of teaching language and literature.
  2. An archival collection of scholarly journals mainly in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Subject coverage includes: African American Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Botany & Ecology, Economics, Education, Finance, General Science, History, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Population Studies, Sociology and Statistics.
  3. Full-text access to academic and popular commentary published in broadsheets, pamphlets, encyclopaedias, books, and periodicals from 1400 - present.
  4. Humanities and social sciences peer-reviewed academic journals and ebooks from university presses and scholarly societies world-wide.
  5. Comprehensive reference work covering all aspects of Canadian and American Theatre. It has records of of thousands of plays, people, theatres, individual productions, and companies, with access to some full text plays. Also includes images, playbills, postcards, scrapbooks and other ephemera.

Other Resources

  1. 252 plays from 1891- present by 42 playwrights with biographies; production details; and, scanned playbills, production photographs, and manuscript images. Represents works by authors of Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hawaiian, Indian, Thai, Korean, Persian, and Malaysian descent.
  2. Full texts of over 1,200 plays from mid-1800s - present by more than 150 playwrights from North America, English-speaking Africa, the Caribbean, and other African Diaspora countries.Includes: biographies, playbills, images, production notes, performance information. Playwrights include: Langston Hughes, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Zora Neale Hurston etc.
  3. Information on authors and their works throughout global literary history. Includes: biographies; critical responses to works; essays on publishing houses and literary topics; scans of manuscripts, proofs, title pages etc.
  4. Contains at least one copy of every surviving Old English text. Additional copies included where dialect or date make it significant. Last updated in 2009.
  5. Scans of over 132,000 English publications from 1473 1700. Other languages covered include Algonquin and Welsh. Topics covered: English literature, history, philosophy, linguistics, theology, music, fine arts, education, mathematics, and science.
  6. Aggregates several literary databases for biographical and critical essays about the worlds most influential literary figures; literary commentary (popular and scholarly) from 1400 present; biographical information about childrens and young adult authors and illustrators; multidisciplinary encyclopedias and specialized reference sources.
  7. This is the master index to the literary series published by Gale Research Inc. such as the Dictionary of Literary Biography (DLB) and Contemporary Authors (CA).
  8. Articles published in over 350 English-language periodicals. Topics include: Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Communications, Community Health, Economics, Geography, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Planning & Public Administration, Religion & Theology, Minority Studies, Performing Arts, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, Urban Studies etc.
  9. Full text access to various versions of Shakespeares plays and poems (old-spelling transcriptions, modern editions, scans of the Folio editions); text and audio on Shakespeares life and the Renaissance period; images and production information for stage and film adaptations; and literary essays.
  10. Biographies of major and minor writers in world literature; descriptive-critical analyses of works of interest; a variety of descriptive and critical essays on literary, cultural and historical matters; author life-chronologies; critical bibliographies.
  11. Monographs, newspapers, pamphlets, manuscripts, ephemera, maps, photographs, statistics, and other documents from the 19th century. Topics cover political, social, and cultural history, and science and technology around the world.
  12. Over 1500 plays by over 300 women covering colonial era to present times. Topics include: the campaign for suffrage (including propaganda plays); access to higher education; inclusion in various professions; domestic entrapment; life on the frontier; and, the Underground Railroad.
  13. Full-text versions of reference books published by Oxford Reference. These dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and other resources cover many different areas, are excellent starting places for learning about new topics, and are useful for finding out about key academic sources for a particular subject.
  14. Full text access to only Shakespeares works, Renaissance Drama, and Romantic Poetry.
  15. Thematic yearly issues collecting the best international scholarship in English about Shakespeare studies and production from 1948 - present.
  16. Biographical and autobiographical information about the lives and works of authors and illustrators for children and young adults, includes all volumes to present.
  17. Online streaming video of plays and documentaries. It covers a wide range of 20th century theatre history.
  18. Full texts of over 2000 plays by North American playwrights from the late 1800s-present, production information with related ephemera, e.g. playbills, posters. Special coverage of LGBTQ theatre, and other minority groups.
  19. Annotated entries for all important material about Shakespeare published or produced from 1964-early 2005. Includes: books, articles, book reviews, dissertations, theatrical productions, reviews of productions, audiovisual materials, electronic media, and other scholarly and popular materials.
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