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  1. A directory of science companies in the BC.
  2. Online access to British Columbia Estate Planning and Wealth Preservation published by the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia.
  3. Encyclopedic articles in English and French on events, people, places and things related to Canada. Features interactive collections, exhibits, timelines and pedagogic content for teachers such as quizzes and study guides. This encyclopedia is published by the non-profit Historica Canada, renowned for their television Heritage Minutes.
  4. Standalone CD version of the 2001 Canadian Encyclopedia.
    Access: Available at the standalone computer at Belzberg Library.
  5. Online version of the Chicago Manual of Style.
  6. An all-purpose online encyclopedia, including an online atlas, dictionary, and select journal articles.
  7. The Encyclopedia of Political Science online edition.
  8. Basic school encyclopedia
  9. Comprehensive handbook covering all aspects of psychology.
  10. 3,800 full text articles covering anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology and more.
    This resource has been updated. See the second edition, published in 2015.
  11. Authoritative, foundational, interdisciplinary knowledge across the wide range of behavioral and social sciences fields
  12. KnowBC was launched in 2001 as the online edition of Harbour Publishings Encyclopedia of British Columbia (EBC).
  13. Provides more than 5,100 authoritative profiles of authors, works and literary and historical topics.
  14. Scholarly presentation of persons and subjects related to Catholicism and the humanities.
  15. New Media Directory published by Vancouver Public Library.
  16. The online edition of The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics.
  17. The OED covers words from across the English speaking world. It also gives etymological analysis, variant spellings, and pronunciation using IPA.
  18. Full text encyclopedia articles on philosophers, philosophical themes, world philosophies, and world religions.
  19. Comprehensive coverage of the latest research findings, as well as the most recent contributions in experimental psychology and methodology.
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