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  1. Oral testimonies honouring the refugees of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.
  2. Oral history interviews captured by the Burnaby Historical Society.
  3. Selected readings from medieval literature, in six audio/mpeg files.
  4. A fully searchable, comprehensive database of distinguished classical recordings. It includes tens of thousands of licensed recordings that users can listen to over the Internet.
  5. DRAM (Database of Recorded American Music) provides high-quality streaming access to recordings by New World Records, CRI and other important labels. Includes folk, opera, jazz, musical theatre, contemporary and electronic music.
  6. A selection of interviews conducted with early Indian immigrants to Canada, almost all of them British Columbians, in 53 audio files.
  7. Interviews collected in the 1970s and 1980s documenting the experiences of Italian women who immigrated to Canada throughout the first three quarters of the twentieth century.
  8. Interviews with Japanese Canadians on topics ranging from early immigration; their participation in pre-World War II industries including fishing, farming, and the lumber industries; and their internment during World War II.
  9. An online encyclopedia of the world's musical and aural traditions.
  10. Naxos Music Library [NML] is the world's largest online classical music library.
  11. Robin Blaser readings, lectures and interviews.
  12. Oral histories of Scottish immigrants to BC.
  13. The TechBC Memory Project is a collection of thirty interviews that documents the experiences and reflections of the community of the Technical University of British Columbia in Surrey, British Columbia.
  14. A collection of oral history interviews that discuss the migration of the Vietnamese "Boat People" to Canada and their adaption to Canadian society.
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