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  1. A collection of eBooks from ABC-CLIO covering a range of disciplines.
  2. This site has a growing collection of open access textbooks.
  3. A collection of e-books from the CRC press covering the biological sciences.
  4. Business e-books designed to act as course readings and reference materials.
  5. Web-based access to the volumes in the Cambridge Histories series.
  6. Access to Canadian health and public policy documents, and Canadian e-books.
  7. Digitized Arabic books from the William and Gretchen Cleveland Arabic Collection.
  8. The Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Archive is the complete collection of scholarly monographs published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press from 1970 to 2009.
  9. Biomedical and Life Sciences full-text e-books from Morgan & Claypool.
  10. Biographies of performers, directors, writers, producers, choreographers, composers, dancers, designers, technicians, critics and others active in Canadian, British and American film, theatre and television industries.
  11. Online version of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
  12. E-book collections from CRC Press.
    2018-04-23. Website moved to Taylor and Francis. Please see: Taylor and Francis E books
  13. A collection of 8000+ titles published in Canada by Canadian publishers.
  14. Access to free and purchased e-books from de Gruyter.
  15. A searchable directory to increase discoverability of Open Access books.
  16. Access to previous editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM)
  17. Electronic books spanning a wide variety of disciplines.
  18. A collection of e-books on EBSCOhost.
  19. This collection features e-books that focus on the needs of nursing professionals, including clinical guides, evidence-based practice manuals, practical handbooks and professional growth titles. Includes titles published by Thieme Medical Publishing Inc., HCPro, Open International Publishing Limited, Oxford University Press, Sigma Theta Tau International, Springer Publishing Company and other health/nursing and medical-oriented publishers.
  20. E-books from Duke University Press.
  21. Access to Business, Management and Economics e-book series from Emerald.
  22. Online access to Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S. (52nd to 54th editions).
  23. E-books in the Environmental Sciences from CRC Press.
  24. E-books in Ergonomics from CRC Press.
  25. The Document Repository is FAO’s official online repository for all information products and reports. It offers free and direct access to all indexed publications as well as official reports and other papers and documents published by FAO, as well as some materials produced by other sources with FAO involvement.
  26. E-books on forensic science from CRC Press.
  27. Online access to Foundations and Trends E-books.
  28. Search Gale Directories purchased by SFU Library: Encyclopedia of Associations, Market Share Reporter and Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media.
  29. Online access to the Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media.
  30. A collection of online reference sources in many subject areas.
  31. Online access to the Geological Society of London's Special Publications.
  32. A centralized access point to locate and/or download publications authored by the Government of Canada.
  33. Open access e-books from the American Historical Association and Columbia University Press.
  34. Access to Harvard University Press e-books.
  35. Access to IEEE Wiley and MIT Press E-books on the IEEE Xplore platform.
  36. Online access to e-books published by IGI.
  37. Searchable collection of most volumes of the International Directory of Company Histories.
  38. Access to International Tables for Crystallography published from 2001-2005 on SpringerLink.
  39. A reference work for crystallography.
  40. E-books published by the Institute of Physics (IOP).
  41. A collection of open access e-books from several academic publishers where open access was made possible by contributing libraries.
  42. Full text access to numerous Gale literary criticism series, such as Drama Criticism, Poetry Criticism, Contemporary Literary Criticism, etc., covering literature from 1400.
  43. Presenting comparative business statistics in a clear, straightforward manner, Market Share Reporter affords an immediate overview of companies, products and services and cites original sources.
  44. E-books in Materials Science from CRC Press.
  45. E-books in mathematics published by CRC Press.
  46. Online access to Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry.
  47. Access to e-books to published by major publishers in all disciplines.
    On Wednesday, April 25th, 2018, MyiLibrary will be discontinued. Please use Ebook Central Academic Complete.
  48. Nanoscience/nanotechnology e-books published by CRC Press.
  49. Ebooks from the NRC Research Press.
  50. The OAPEN Library contains freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of humanities and social sciences.
  51. Free books on the Web.
  52. An online, searchable catalogue of open textbooks.
  53. 7 e-books from the Joanna Briggs Institute, specializing in evidence based practice in healthcare.
  54. Access to Oxford Handbooks Online purchased by SFU Library.
  55. Online version of more than 200 language and subject dictionaries and reference works.
  56. Access to Oxford Scholarly Editions of Shakespeare, Romantics Poetry and Renaissance Drama.
  57. Access to e-books published by University Presses and available on the Unviersity Press Scholarship Online platform, purchased by SFU Library.
  58. Full-text books and correspondence by seminal figures in the humanities, social sciences and literature.
  59. Physics e-books published by CRC Press.
  60. E-books from Plunkett Research Online.
  61. E-books from university presses and scholarly publishers.
  62. Full-text of over 4,000 scholarly and classic psychology books, indexed by chapter.
  63. Electronic versions of a broad range of technical books.
    2018-01-08. Access to Safari Books Online will be changing platforms on May 1, 2018. Please note that the new version will include unlimited user access, but requires an SFU email account for access. You can try the new Safari platform now. Please contact if you have any questions.
  64. Sage Knowledge provides SFU with access to e-books from Sage.
  65. Access to research methods online from books and numerous reference sources.
  66. Complimentary online access is provided to libraries when the print volume has been purchased.
  67. E-books published by the Association of Canadian University Presses/Association des Presses Universitaires Canadiennes.
  68. E-books and major reference works on Science Direct published by Elsevier.
  69. All issues of the Shakespeare Survey, a yearly publication since 1948, which publishes the best of international Shakespeare scholarship. Each volume is devoted to a theme, a play, or group of plays.
  70. Online access to SPEC Kits from the Association of Research Libraries
  71. Access to e-books from SPIE.
  72. Access to English-language E-books in published by Springer.
  73. A collection of over 1000 online volumes from this core series in computing science.
  74. Online book series covering control and information sciences. Includes monographs, textbooks, and conference proceedings.
  75. Open access e-books published by Springer.
  76. Online collection of hundreds of ebooks, reports and journal issues focused on sustainability, CSR, corporate governance, ethics, environmental policy and management.
  77. Engineering and Computing Science full-text e-books from Morgan & Claypool.
  78. E-books purchased by SFU Library published by Taylor and Francis.
  79. Access to online looseleaf titles published by Thomson Reuters Carswell
  80. E-books and major reference works on the Wiley Online Library platform.
    Material purchased by SFU Library will be marked with an unlocked symbol in gold next to each title or chapter.
  81. E-books published by World Scientific purchased by the SFU Library.
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