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  1. Access to publications of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. Includes AI Magazine (15 month embargo), archive to The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (2003-2012), conference papers, technical reports, and funding tutorials.
  2. Multidisciplinary index to academic & popular journals.
  3. Periodicals, journals, and reproduction of images covering fine, decorative and commercial art, folk art, photography, film, and architecture. Coverage from 1997-present is full-text; indexed coverage goes back to 1984.
  4. Search the Art Index, Art Full Text and the Art Index Retrospective together.
  5. Contains abstracts of architecture and design journals from 1900-1986; digitized issues of 19th and 20th century art journals; profiles of individual designers, artists, architects, craftspeople, and studios who are featured in these journal publications; and research resources on poster design, including digitized historical posters.
  6. Core articles and conference proceedings in biology and agriculture.
  7. Articles on clinical medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system and the pre-clinical sciences.
  8. Nearly 200,000 references relevant to British and Irish archaeology provided by the Council for British Archaeology. Coverage includes both publications from 1940 onwards and earlier bibliographies as far back as 1695AD.
  9. Comprehensive Canadian periodical collection for reference and current events. Publications include scholarly journal articles, trade publications, dissertations, books, newspapers and magazines.
  10. In depth access to a broad range of Canadian business periodicals, including trade journals, general business publications, academic journals, and topical journals.
  11. The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) collects resources in four major domains: News, Law & Government Information, Science Technology & Engineering, and the History and Economics of Agriculture. Print and digital resources from the CRL collection are available to member institutions through electronic delivery (look for links in the CRL catalog) or through Inter- library loan. SFU Library is a CRL member.
  12. Comprehensive coverage of journals from the fields of nursing and allied health, including both full text articles and references. Full text titles date back to 1937.
  13. Covers journals in the fields of communication, mass media studies, linguistics and film. Many major journals have indexing, abstracts, PDFs and searchable citations from their first issues to the present (dating as far back as 1915).
  14. Managed by leaders in the competition policy community, CPI delivers timely commentary and analysis through a variety of media & applications. Includes the Antitrust Chronicle and select Learning Center courses.
  15. Reports and briefings on organizational effectiveness, Canadian economic forecasts and national policy issues. Only a selection of the reports are free, dealing mostly with public policy issues, which are marked as "No charge".
    To view reports purchased by the the SFU library, you need to register with your SFU email address and select Simon Fraser University as your organization. Anyone may register for a free account, but only persons affiliated with Simon Fraser University may view reports purchased by the library.
  16. Covers all aspects of criminal justice, including psychological. Includes journal articles, books, government and non-government reports, magazines, newspapers, dissertations and unpublished papers.
  17. Journal and conference proceeding publications in the field of computer aided architectural design. Many articles available in full-text; some records only provide article information (including abstracts).
  18. Abstracts of systematic reviews from around the world on topics such as diagnosis, prevention, rehabilitation, screening, and treatment.
  19. Full text access to various publications in the field of petroleum geology.
  20. Introductory information about indigenous and settler Canadian historical figures. Short- to medium-length narrative histories with reference lists, written by subject experts. Periods of death covered from 1000 2000 CE, but entries for deaths after 1930 may not all be online.
  21. Access to most theses produced by students at Simon Fraser University from 1967 to 2013.
  22. Duke University Press publishes books and journals in the humanities and social sciences.
  23. Open-access digital repository covering visual arts in Canada and especially Quebec. Includes essays, articles, books and magazines as well as images, audio and video works. Also provides access to Artexe's cataloge for their print collection, housed on-site in Quebec.
  24. Reports of various ecological projects within British Columbia. Associated data and map files are included whenever possible. Covers diverse subjects such as water quality and water quantity, reservoirs, floodplain mapping, groundwater, fish and fish habitat, wildlife and wildlife habitat, terrestrial information, soils, and vegetation.
  25. A comprehensive Education database, covering all levels of education from early childhood to higher education as well as multilingual education, health education and testing. Includes journals, books, conference papers, book reviews and educational tests.
  26. Current research and policy documents on international development issues.
  27. Over 77,000 letters between over 10,000 people in Europe, the Americas and Asia from the early 17th to mid 19th century, with scholarly annotations.
  28. A Full-text archive of the most important mathematical publications: selection, access, and indexing in a database, taken from the "Jahrbuch über die Fortschritte der Mathematik (1868 - 1943)".
  29. Comprehensive coverage (over 1,900 journals) in environmental and many related disciplines. Also available is fulltext access to over 200 monographs.
  30. A comprehensive Education database, covering education research and practice. Includes journal articles, conference papers, curriculum guides, lesson plans, theses and dissertations and more. *Use this version if you are a current student, faculty or staff member.*
  31. A comprehensive Education database, covering education research and practice. Includes journal articles, conference papers, curriculum guides, lesson plans, theses and dissertations and more. *Open access*
  32. Combines seven of the most trusted Evidence Based Medicine Review resources into one.
  33. Subject coverage includes film & television theory, preservation & restoration, screenwriting, production, cinematography, technical aspects, and reviews. In addition to indexing and full-text access to journals, this resource includes Variety movie reviews from 1914 to the present and over 36,300 images from the MPTV Image Archive.
  34. An overlay of, a digital library of research articles in physics, mathematics, computer science, and quantitative biology.
  35. Created by La Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Gallica is a large digital library of documents in the French language, which offers over a million documents, such as books, manuscripts, maps, images, periodicals, music, scores and sound recordings. You can find a large number of full-text documents, ranging from newspapers, such as Le Figaro from 1854 and Le Petit Parisien, to the manuscripts of letters of Alexandre Dumas, to nautical charts on parchment, to images of old Paris.
  36. This portal gathers together government and legislative documents from the collections of the members of the Association of Parliamentary Libraries in Canada.
  37. Scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research. Use Google Scholar to find articles from a wide variety of academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories and universities, as well as scholarly articles available across the web.
    SFU Authorized users can obtain full text links to SFU Library resources, by going to Google Scholar Settings and clicking on Library links. Then type and select Simon Fraser University - Get@SFU and Save.
    OR use the Off Campus and Wireless Access Bookmarklet to gain access to the full text licensed by SFU Library.
  38. Contains official publications put out by the Government of Canada, covering a wide range of topics and formats. Most electronic resources are freely available, and there are searchable indexes for printed resources.
  39. Full-text books, periodical articles, manuscripts, site reports, dissertations and theses on archaeological traditions from around the world. Use the 3-digit codes to quickly search data on a subject.
  40. Books, articles, and manuscripts on cultures of the world, past and present. A research tool for archaeologists, anthropologists, sociologists and beyond. Note for the Collection of Ethnography: the online version includes more recent source materials; the microfiche version retains older sources (before the annual installment 42).
  41. Full-text access (where available) and citation references to scholarly sources (1900 - present) in the humanities, including: scholarly articles, interviews, obituaries, bibliographies, book reviews, performance reviews, etc.
  42. News and analysis on the international law that applies to foreign investment, particularly international treaties and arbitration claims. Focuses on investigation of unreported cases and review and discussion of legal documents and policy developments.
  43. An archival collection of scholarly journals mainly in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Subject coverage includes: African American Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Botany & Ecology, Economics, Education, Finance, General Science, History, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Population Studies, Sociology and Statistics.
  44. Canadian legislation, case law, and law reports, as well as legal journal articles and commentary.
  45. Covers educational technology and e-learning. Includes peer-reviewed journal articles and proceedings papers.
  46. Canadian federal government bills, including the text of various versions, press releases and backgrounders, legislative summaries from the Parliamentary Research Branch, speeches, votes, coming-into-force information.
  47. Covers the fields of librarianship, classification, cataloging, bibliometrics, online information retrieval, and information management.
  48. Dictionary of Middle English; bibliography of Middle English references cited in the dictionary; 146 full text volumes of Middle English prose and poetry.
  49. Covers all aspects of criminal justice, including law enforcement, crime prevention and security, and juvenile justice. Includes journal articles, books, research reports, government reports, and unpublished research.
  50. Records for web-based theses and dissertations with links back to the full text. Record metadata is collected from universities world-wide. NDLTD stands for "The Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations".
  51. Literature on the marine and brackish-water environment. Covers marine biology and physical oceanography, fisheries, aquaculture, non-living resources, meteorology and geology, plus environmental, technological, and legislative topics.
  52. Critical biographies of over 1300 authors lives and writing careers, with contextual material, timelines, and entry-specific bibliographies.
  53. Demographic and economic data on every country in the world (with forecasts), as well as statistics, market reports, company profiles and information sources for country, market, consumer, and lifestyle profiling.

    Restricted to current SFU students, faculty and staff with a valid SFU computing ID.

    Effective January 22, 2018, a name and email address is required to download PDF reports. Euromonitor implemented this requirement for security and will not use for sales or marketing purposes.

  54. Multidisciplinary collection of journals and periodicals for the performing arts. It covers drama, theater, dance, film, and television.
  55. Journal articles, books, and contributions from anthologies in all areas of philosophy research. The international coverage includes resources in numerous languages (including English).
  56. Articles, books, and researchers' personal pages related to philosophy. Includes a substantial open access archive.
  57. Humanities and social sciences peer-reviewed academic journals and ebooks from university presses and scholarly societies world-wide.
  58. Worlds most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from around the world. Historic and ongoing coverage.
  59. International literature in sociology and social services, and related fields. Searches multiple databases including: Applied Social Science Index, ProQuest Sociology Database, Social Services Abstracts, and Sociological Abstracts.
  60. Literature and audiovisual materials in sociology and social work, including culture and social structure, history and theory of sociology, social psychology, substance abuse and addiction, and more.
  61. Articles, books, and recent news from the American Journal of Psychiatry, as well as access to the DSM-5.
  62. Articles, books, book chapters, technical reports, and theses and dissertations in the field of psychology and the psychological aspects of other disciplines such as education, health, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, business, and law.
  63. Psychological tests, measures, scales, surveys, and other assessment tools. In most cases actual test or test items provided, but without scoring key information.
  64. Articles on the core topics of the agricultural sciences including nutrition, food safety, food quality, animal and crop production and protection, natural resources, sustainable agricultural systems, rural development, agricultural economic and policy issues, agricultural imports and exports, agricultural statistics, extramural research, and extension education.
  65. Articles from biomedical and life sciences.
  66. Physics preprints on quantitative biology.
  67. Online exhibition venue and archive of new media and born-digital art practices. Research tools include an archive of new media art works in the ArtBase, as well as articles, reviews, and images.
  68. Covers general science, biological and agricultural science, applied science, and technology. Mainly citations and abstracts, with some full-text articles.
  69. Ebooks and journal articles on science and medicine, from Elsevier.
  70. Broad coverage of social science journals.
  71. Includes journal articles, ebooks, and conference proceedings from the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE). Covers the field of optics, photonics, medical imaging, remote sensing, and optical engineering.
  72. Central access point for Canadian theses (Masters and PhD), including free full text of theses since 1998.
  73. Technical reports, books, journal articles, conference proceedings on transportation research. Covers diverse disciplines (ranging from finance, construction to operation) for the modes of highways, transit, railroads, maritime and aviation.
    Partial open access. Some resources are not open access.
  74. Journal articles, books, videos, government documents, and working papers on criminal justice, terrorism, and security.
  75. Full-text, born-digital UN documents published from 1993 onward, including documents of the Security Council, the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council and their subsidiaries, as well as administrative issuances and other documents. ODS does not have the following types of materials: documents issued before 1993 that have not yet been digitized, press releases, sales publications, such as the Yearbook and the Treaty Series, and documents that do not have a UN symbol.
  76. A compilation of United Nations and agency statistics, covering economic, social, financial and development topics. In most cases time series are available from 1970 or 1980 and many series are disaggregated to show underlying distributions.
  77. Online access to books and journals published by Wiley-Blackwell.
  78. A worldwide union catalogue created and maintained collectively by more than 9,000 member institutions / libraries. Provides access to electronic, physical and digital collections at SFU. Use this version to export citations to RefWorks from off-campus.
  79. Articles, magazines, books, and dissertations covering a wide range of subjects including biodiversity, conservation, environmental science, marine and freshwater biology, parasitology, and new laboratory and field techniques.
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