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  1. This collection is comprised of full-length interviews with notable activists in British Columbia's labour movement on topics ranging from experiences at work, picket lines, strikes and rallies, to organizing unions and negotiating and bargaining collective agreements, as well as shorter interviews based on historic labour events in B.C. The collection includes memories from pre-World War II through to today, as well as reflections on the current state of the labour movement. It is a resource for information relating to labour history and general B.C. history, and the exploration of the intersection of issues like labour, work, politics, gender, race relations, economics, environment, and more.
  2. CARMA (Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis), is an online library of research methods videos.
  3. Streaming videos of reenactments of therapy sessions, organized by therapeutic approach and clinician. Includes transcripts.
  4. Educationally relevant feature films and some documentaries for the Canadian Post Secondary Market. Films available from Paramount Pictures, Paramount Vantage, DreamWorks SKG, Mongrel Media, Sony Pictures Classics, Alliance Films, Miramax Films, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate Films, The Weinstein Company, as well as a smaller number of independent producers. Title selections includes 1920 classics, new releases, foreign films, literary adaptations, documentaries, animated titles, and independent features.
  5. Streaming video of dance productions & documentaries by the most influential performers and companies of the 20th century. Selections cover ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, experimental, improvisational dance, and modern concert dance.
  6. Streaming videos for training and developing teachers, covering teaching methods, classroom management, content areas and student assessment.
  7. Documentaries, recordings, interviews, photographs, and field notes on human culture and behaviour around the world.
  8. Streaming videos licensed by SFU Library. Each video is licensed for 3 years from date of purchase.
  9. Video collection that demonstrates general laboratory techniques.
  10. Online tutorials providing professional-level instruction in design, drawing, sculpting, painting, modeling, lighting, rendering, texturing, rigging, storyboarding, animation, and other areas related to visual effects.

    NOT licensed for public performance.

  11. Biomedical and life sciences video lectures.
  12. Thousands of in-depth step-by-step video tutorials, taught by experts, on software development, design practices, business skills, web development, and photography.
  13. Films produced by the National Film Board of Canada (streaming online). Includes documentaries, animation and alternative dramas. Note: To access to CAMPUS features (e.g. learning bundles, study guides, searching by school subject), SFU users may contact to request the activation key.

    Authorized Users may access the Website and the Content outside of the premises of Subscriber’s educational institution solely for bona fide educational and research purposes, including presentations by student teachers conducted as part of a practicum.

  14. Streaming videos of therapy sessions, in the fields of counseling, psychotherapy, and addiction. Organized by approach, therapeutic issue, population and therapist. Includes transcripts.
  15. Video interviews chronicling the experiences of older lesbian-gay-bisexual-transfolk conducted as part of a project called "Stories of Older Queers: Videography and Archives of Queer Elder Experiences."
  16. Videos on all aspects of the research process and methods. Also covers practical skills such as project management and writing for publication.
  17. Online streaming video of plays and documentaries. It covers a wide range of 20th century theatre history.
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