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  1. Posters and handbills created largely by the Atelier Populaire.
  2. Images from 61,000 works of literature on economic and business published from 1450 through 1850.
  3. Presenting comparative business statistics in a clear, straightforward manner, Market Share Reporter affords an immediate overview of companies, products and services and cites original sources.
  4. Secondary school audience.
  5. Online access to original manuscript and typescript papers created and collected by the Mass Observation organisation, as well as printed publications, photographs and interactive features. Mass Observation was founded in 1937 by anthropologist Tom Harrisson, film-maker Humphrey Jennings and poet Charles Madge. Their aim was to create an 'anthropology of ourselves', and by recruiting a team of observers and a panel of volunteer writers they studied the everyday lives of ordinary people in Britain.
  6. E-books in Materials Science from CRC Press.
  7. E-books in mathematics published by CRC Press.
  8. Reviews and abstracts of books, articles and conference proceedings on mathematics, statistics, and computing science
  9. Posters and handbills created largely by the Atelier Populaire.
  10. Online access to the Medical letter on Drugs and Therapeutics, Treatment guidelines from the Medical Letter, Adverse Drug Interactions Program, Handbook of Antimicrobial Therapy and CME/CE online.
  11. A web resource containing an ever-expanding range of primary sources for the study of the medieval and early modern world, with particular strengths in British and colonial history.
  12. An extensive collection of manuscript materials for the study of medieval travel writing in fact and in fantasy.
  13. MEDLINE® (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online) is the U.S. National Library of Medicine's® (NLM) premier bibliographic database that contains approximately 13 million references to journal articles in life sciences with a concentration on biomedicine.
  14. Papers of Edward Sylvester Morse documenting life in 19th century Japan before it was transformed by Western modernization.
  15. Descriptions of archival materials located in the British Columbia Archives and other BC archives.
  16. Descriptive and evaluative information about tests.
  17. Online access to Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry.
  18. Canadian government publications.
  19. Interlocking collection of the major electronic Middle English resources, including the Middle English Dictionary, a hypertext bibliography of Middle English prose & verse, and a searchable corpus of Middle English prose & poetry.
  20. Online access to unique primary source diaries, correspondence, photographs, oral histories and journals narrate the vivid realities of ocean travel and life in adopted homelands. Organisational correspondence, government proceedings, shipping company papers and records of advocacy groups provide key context to migrants’ everyday struggles.
  21. Information on over 64,000 publicly-traded companies and 275 million private companies from 225 countries. (Basic interface.)
  22. Information on over 64,000 publicly-traded companies and 275 million private companies from around the world. Available via basic (MINT Global), advanced (ORBIS), and data retrieval (WRDS) interfaces.
  23. Bibliographic index to journal articles, books and dissertations. Subjects covered include literature, literary theory & criticism, dramatic arts, printing & publishing, folklore, linguistics and language.
  24. Online proceedings from Materials Research Society Symposia.
  25. The collection includes first-hand accounts of first generation immigrants and their early Canadian experiences, and enhanced access to culturally significant materials in all mediums.
  26. Digitized print materials and video relating to multiculturalism and ethnicity generally, as well as to specific ethnic groups within Canada.
  27. Index to journal articles and reviews on all aspects of music and related subjects.
  28. A fully searchable, comprehensive database of distinguished classical recordings. It includes tens of thousands of licensed recordings that users can listen to over the Internet.
  29. Classical music scores and manuscripts. Many pieces have associated audio tracks in Classical Music Library.
  30. An online encyclopedia of the world's musical and aural traditions.
  31. Access to e-books to published by major publishers in all disciplines.
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