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  1. This collection consists of digitized materials concerning sex and race in Toronto between 1920 and 1970.
  2. Profiles of more than 9,000 authors who have written books for, about and from British Columbia.
  3. This site has a growing collection of open access textbooks.
  4. Interviews with notable activists in British Columbia’s labour movement on topics ranging from experiences at work, picket lines, strikes and rallies, to organizing unions & negotiating and bargaining collective agreements.
  5. BC Laws provides free public access to the current laws of British Columbia. This unofficial current consolidation of BC Statutes and Regulations is updated continually as new and amended laws come into force.

  6. A collection of 1,500 photographs depicting the contributions of immigrants and First Nations people to B.C.
  7. A directory of science companies in the BC.
  8. Several economics, business, and demographic publications by BC Stats (the British Columbia Statistical Agency).
  9. BCC Research reports provide market analysis and forecasting on a wide range of major emerging technological and scientific developments.
  10. Contains Canadian law reports.
  11. Contains Canadian law reports.
  12. Database of nearly 200,000 references relevant to British and Irish archaeology provided by the Council for British Archaeology
  13. A collection of 20 different versions of the English Bible.
  14. Bibliographia Cartographica - International documentation of cartographic literature.
  15. A bibliographic index to articles, books, reviews, periodicals, and other references dealing with Comparative Canadian Literature
  16. Humanities and social sciences information on East, Southeast and South Asia.
  17. This bibliography is an authoritative guide to what has been written about British and Irish history from the Roman period to the present day.
  18. A bibliographic index to articles, books, reviews, periodicals, and other references dealing with Comparative Canadian Literature
  19. Index for all aspects of Native North American culture, history, and life.
  20. Art bibliography covering European and American visual arts from late antiquity to the present.
  21. The Bill Reid Centre Collection is a collection of images that records the arts and architecture of the various First Nations of the Pacific Northwest.
  22. A comprehensive and significant listing of biographical content from periodicals indexed in other Wilson databases, plus select other titles.
  23. Bioline international.
  24. Covers core literature in biology and agriculture.
  25. Full text, peer reviewed research articles covering all areas of biology and medicine.
  26. Access to nearly 900 full text biomedical journals.
  27. Access to journal articles and e-books from BioOne.
  28. Fulltext articles, from the BioOne organization, covering biological, ecological and environmental sciences. ~2000 to current.
  29. A collection of e-books from the CRC press covering the biological sciences.
    2017-11-07. Effective November 11, 2017 all CRC Press e-books have migrated to the new Taylor & Francis eBooks website, a single destination for libraries to access and discover eBooks from across all Taylor & Francis imprints.

    Users may go to the list of broad subject categories at the bottom of the landing page to browse titles by subject and use the filters to select "Show content I have access to".

  30. Birds of North America Online is a continually updated, comprehensive reference for life history information on over 700 different bird species
  31. Primary source. Over 1,200 plays written from the mid-1800s to the present by more than 150 playwrights from North America, English-speaking Africa, the Caribbean, and other African diaspora countries.
  32. A collection of approximately 8,000 works of short fiction produced by writers from Africa and the African Diaspora.
  33. Monographs, speeches, essays, and interviews written by leaders from the black community.
  34. Access to Blackwell Reference Online titles.
  35. A digitized collection of HIV/AIDS-related stamps, philatelic materials and ephemera collected by Canadian AIDS activist Blair Henshaw.
  36. A digitized collection of HIV/AIDS-related stamps, philatelic materials and ephemera collected by Canadian AIDS activist Blair Henshaw.
  37. Real-time and historical information on bonds, equities, commodities, currencies and funds in international markets.
    Access to this database is restricted to current SFU faculty, staff, and students only.
    Access: Available at the standalone computer 1 on the third floor of the Bennett library.
    Reserve/book time: You can book or reserve time on the computer in the Bennett library on Burnaby Mountain which runs this resource by clicking here.
  38. Access to Book Industry Study Group Publications purchased by SFU Library.
  39. Book Review Digest Retrospective provides excerpts from, and citations to, reviews of adult and juvenile fiction and non-fiction.
  40. Access to Booknet Canada reports purchased by the SFU Library.
  41. Small collection of Philosophy e-books from JSTOR.
  42. Online access to reference works published by Brill.
  43. An all-purpose online encyclopedia, including an online atlas, dictionary, and select journal articles.
  44. Database of nearly 200,000 references relevant to British and Irish archaeology provided by the Council for British Archaeology
  45. The immediate experiences of Britsh and Irish women, as revealed in diaries and letters.
  46. Descriptions of archival materials located in the British Columbia Archives and other BC archives.
  47. A statistical picture of the BC economy on a national accounts basis.
  48. Online access to British Columbia Estate Planning and Wealth Preservation published by the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia.
  49. A collection of digitized publications and ephemera of several B.C. fine/private presses.
  50. Search and view B.C. community newspapers published from 1865 to 1924.
  51. A finding tool for documents and facts related to the history of Canada's Pacific Province
  52. Focuses primarily on British Columbia political, social and economic issues (1991-2007).
  53. B.C. postcards that visually and vividly capture a wide array of places, people, events, industries, geographic landmarks, architectural highlights, modes of transportation – all associated with British Columbia.
  54. National and regional newspapers of 18th and 19th century Britain.
  55. Primary source. Facsimile images of literary manuscripts, including letters and diaries, drafts of poems, plays, novels, and other literary works. Text itself is not searchable. Published in two parts: (1) c.1660-1900, and (2) Medieval & Renaissance.
  56. An electronic archive of hundreds of digitised journals forming a record of more than two centuries of British culture.
  57. A virtual bookshelf of SFU Library's scholarly online journals.
  58. Oral history interviews captured by the Burnaby Historical Society.
  59. Business e-books designed to act as course readings and reference materials.
  60. Strategic management reports published by Business Insights.
  61. Thousands of business journals, industry magazines, and industry & market reports.
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