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  1. 17th and 18th Century newspapers form the collection of Reverend Charles Burney.
  2. 1.7 million pages of newspaper information from U.S. newspapers from the 19th Century
  3. Associated Press Collections Online is a publishing program focusing on making varied treasures of the Associated Press Corporate Archives, AP Images, and AP Archive available to libraries worldwide.
  4. Search and view B.C. community newspapers published from 1865 to 1924.
  5. National and regional newspapers of 18th and 19th century Britain.
  6. This database offers access to the full text of over 350 Canadian newspapers from Canada's leading publishers.
  7. This database combines over 35,000 sources (newspapers, newswires, industry publications, websites, company reports, and more) from 200 countries (including Canada and France), in 26 languages.
  8. Complete archive of the The Financial Times from 1888 to 2010.
  9. Cross search Gale newspaper archives, covering over 400 years of content, using a single interface.
  10. Full page and article images of the Globe and Mail, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.
  11. Jane's Intelligence Review delivers intelligence and analysis on the most critical and decisive international security issues and country risks.
  12. A set of digitized newspapers, journals, and magazines originally published by the alternative press during the 1960s, '70s and '80s.
    The full collection is available to funding libraries during the funding/digitization campaign (through December 2018), Simon Fraser University is a funding library. The collection will become open access in January 2019.

    A limited number of publications are open access for public viewing now.

  13. A monthly digest of worldwide political and economic affairs.
  14. A comprehensive portal for understanding the Komagata Maru incident of 1914 and its impact today through a variety of materials including government documents, books, journal articles, oral histories, private archives, artistic endeavours, and interviews.
  15. Liberty: A Weekly for Everybody was founded in 1924 by Joseph Patterson, publisher of the New York Daily News and Robert McCormick, publisher of the Chicago Tribune.
  16. National Observer focuses on news and in-depth reports on under-covered Canadian stories in the area of climate, energy, and related culture, business and politics.
  17. Online access to the People's Daily, China's most authoritative newspaper. Coverage spans May 1946-present.
  18. Access to nearly 200 million pages of digitized historical content.
    Free for residents located in British Columbia and the Yukon, Canada. SFU Authorized Users may access the same Gale Digital Collections from anywhere with a valid SFU ID and password.
  19. Current issues of newspapers from around the world.
  20. Online access to The Guardian (from 2010), the Vancouver Sun (2011) and the Victoria Times Colonist (from 2011).
  21. Full coverage of the New York Times from 1851 to 4 years ago.
  22. Full coverage of the Wall Street Journal from 1889 to 18 years ago.
  23. Full coverage of the Washington Post from 1877 to 7 years ago.
  24. The Independent, a major British daily newspaper, positions itself as a truly independent newspaper, with a long-time tagline of "free from party political bias, free from proprietorial influence."
  25. The Listener was a weekly magazine established by the BBC in 1929.
  26. The Picture Post Historical Archive, 1938-1957 consists of the complete, fully searchable facsimile archive of the Picture Post, the iconic newspaper published in Britain from 1938-1957 that defined the style of photojournalism in the 20th century.
  27. Since 1822, The Sunday Times has provided thoughtful analysis and commentary on the week’s news and society at large.
  28. Full-text and full-image articles from the Times of London for the years 1785-2011
  29. Online access to the Times Literary Supplement.
  30. The leading news service covering the rapidly converging Canadian telecom, broadcasting, wireless and new media sectors.
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