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Use the recommended databases below to find articles and e-resources related to Health. Need help? Check out the health research and subject guides or contact the health liaison librarian.

Top Resources

  1. Provides 1,300+ full text journals from the fields of nursing and allied health.
  2. Trial Ends 3 April 2017
  3. Evidence-based skills and procedures for nurses
    Chrome or Firefox Internet browsers recommended. Internet Explorer users may encounter technical problems when playing videos. iPad and iPhone users will be unable to play videos due to the use of Flash.
  4. Up-to-date information on drugs used & available in Canada is provided in this online version of the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS)
  5. Hundreds of streaming videos in the fields of health, nursing, medicine, psychology, and more.
  6. Collection of databases that contain different types of high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making
  7. Citations and full-text journal articles in life sciences

Other Resources

  1. This multi-disciplinary database provides full text for a multitude of journals, including many which are peer-reviewed.
  2. A federal public health agency within the US Department of Health and Human Services that focuses on minimizing human health risks associated with exposure to hazardous substances.
  3. Designed to enhance anatomy and physiology curriculums. Includes 19 body system modules, complete with clear 3D images, comprehensive text, clinical and case studies, learning objectives and quizzes.
    IE, Firefox, or Safari browsers are recommended. Google Chrome no longer officially supports the Unity plugin used with this product.
  4. 900 full-text journals, including 850 peer-reviewed, in the field of Medicine. All articles in the database are indexed in Medline
  5. Features a range of authoritative fact sheets, posters, and other materials from a number of government agencies.
  6. Details health indicators that are believed to measure the foundation of a healthy community
  7. Searchable access to current public documents issued by Canadian public policy and health research agencies and think tanks, as well as books from 70+ Canadian publishers. Documents may be downloaded in PDF; book titles are available for online access only.
  8. Comprehensive Canadian research database covering current events, policy, business, social issues, science, the arts, and Canadian academic information
  9. Databases providing information on a broad range of environmental and occupational health and safety topics
  10. CIHI provides statistics and reports on health care in Canada.
  11. A full text archive for publications in the area of cognitive science as it applies to psychology, linguistics, computer science, biology, philosophy, medicine, anthropology, and other areas of the physical, social and mathematical sciences that are pertinent to the study of cognition.
  12. A streaming media service offering access to 2000+ major motion pictures, largely popular feature films and documentaries.
  13. Searchable access to current e-books from 70+ Canadian publishers. Book titles are available for online access only.
  14. Contains the full label contents from a sample of dietary supplement products marketed in the U.S. Search for products either in the market (DSLD On Market), off the market (DSLD Off Market), or consumed by National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey participants in the latest survey in the DSLD database.
  15. A hub for digital transgender collections from around the world. By digitally localizing a wide range of trans-related materials, the DTA expands access to trans history for academics and independent researchers alike in order to foster education and dialog concerning trans history.
  16. Provides access to thousands of e- books in a variety of subject areas.
  17. Approximately 4,000 specially commissioned and peer-reviewed articles, written by leading scientists.
  18. Award-winning documentaries with relevance across the curriculumórace and gender studies, human rights, globalization and global studies, multiculturalism, international relations, criminal justice, the environment, bioethics, health, political science and current events, psychology, arts, literature, and more.
  19. Provides access to online specialized subject encyclopedias and other reference works
  20. Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature.
  21. Database of PDF documents on H1N1
  22. Highwire provides citations and abstracts to journal articles and access to a selection of full-text articles, with an emphasis on science, technology and medicine.
  23. Includes online bulletins of academic societies, online journals, reports, conference proceedings and research papers related to science and technology.
  24. A series of 7 ebooks that provide an evidence-based practice model based on the latest evidence from research, clinician expertise and patient preference.
  25. Online video streaming service distributing films from BBC, PBS, Media Education Foundation, and many others. Provides an excellent selection of classic and contemporary educational documentaries and theatrical films.
  26. Contains information on drugs and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed. includes information on the levels of such substances in breast milk and infant blood, and the possible adverse effects in the nursing infant. Suggested therapeutic alternatives to those drugs are provided. All data are derived from the scientific literature and fully referenced. A peer review panel reviews the data to assure scientific validity and currency.
  27. Scholarly articles from journals in the fields of medicine, life sciences & nursing
  28. The U.S. National Library of Medicine's (NLM) premier bibliographic database that contains approximately 18 million references to journal articles in 5,500 life sciences with a concentration on biomedicine. Articles cover topics in medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, pre-clinical sciences, and more.
  29. One of the most concise and complete medical reference books for medical students and health care professionals. Browse by section, index, or symptoms, and find the right information quickly. The Manual is organized into organ systems, such as heart, gastrointestinal system, muscular system, etc, and it examines each major disease of each system.
  30. Plans, directs, and coordinates a national program to maintain and improve the health of the American people by promoting a healthy environment and by preventing premature death and avoidable illness and disability caused by non-infectious, non-occupational environmental and related factors.
  31. Watch hundreds of NFB films online, including documentaries, animation and alternative dramas with additional content only available to educators
  32. Scholarly journals published by Oxford University Press covering humanities, law, life sciences, mathematics & physical sciences, medicine, social sciences
  33. Online dictionaries, encyclopedias, & other reference works covering: archaeology, art, classical studies, history, languages, law, linguistics, literature, media studies, nursing and health, philosophy, religion, science and technology, social sciences, social work
  34. Interactive 3D Animated Human Anatomy Modules for Clinical Practice, Research, and Teaching
    IE, Firefox, or Safari browsers are recommended. Google Chrome no longer officially supports the Unity plugin used with this product.
  35. Scholarly journals from the American Psychological Association and 4 allied organizations. All journals in PsycARTICLES are also available in PsycINFO.
  36. The most comprehensive database for finding full-text, peer-reviewed, literature in the field psychology and other related disciplines.
  37. Provides free access to a stable and permanent online digital archive of full-text, peer-reviewed health and life sciences research publications.
  38. A database and digital archive of resources related to the life sciences, such as nursing, psychology, and health. PubMed Central is a digital archive of life sciences journal literature. Journals in PubMed Central are full-text and free.
    Only NIH-funded articles are open access for some titles.
  39. Access to full text SAGE journal articles, including full-text HTML, full-text PDFs, supplements, and references. Select 'browse within SAGE Journals Available to Me' to limit to OC subscribed content.
  40. Full-text journals in physical sciences and social sciences
  41. Covering the latest concepts, theories and methods from both applied and theoretical aspects of the social sciences, this full-text resource provides access to a wide assortment of the most important English-language social science journals.
  42. A comprehensive and high quality sociology research database that provides access to abstracts and citations.
  43. Statistics Canada provides statistics relating to Canada's population, resources, economy, society and culture.
  44. UNdata is a multi-disciplinary source providing official statistics produced by countries and compiled by the United Nations data system.
  45. Online journals and books covering life sciences, health and physical sciences, social sciences, and the humanities
  46. WHO member countries health information statistics. Includes information such as population size, gross national income per capita, life expectancy, probability of dying, total expenditure on health per capita, and total expenditure on health as a % of GDP.

Note: This database allows you to search for electronic resources held by OC Library. To find articles in specific journals, search the database of e-journals.

For research help ask a librarian. For technical assistance contact the OC Web Services Librarian.

Terms of use: Most electronic resources are governed by license agreements which restrict use to the Okanagan College community, and to individuals who use the libraries' facilities. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure these products are used for individual educational or research purposes only. Systematically downloading, distributing, retaining substantial portions of information, or other unlawful activities may result in loss of access to these resources for the entire Okanagan College community.

Personal Privacy: Some subscribed resources may allow for the creation of personal accounts to create folders, save searches, etc. It is recommended users become familiar with privacy policies of visited sites to make an informed decision regarding providing personal information. The Library cannot guarantee how external networks collect, use, or disclose personal information. When you connect to third party databases through Okanagan College Library, only information that authenticates you as a member of our community is released.

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