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APS is a collection of journals published by the American Physical Society in field of Physics. Many of these publications specialize in various branches of physics and content varies from atomic, molecular and optical physics to interdisciplinary research and in-depth reviews.

The Library has current single title subscriptions to:
  • Physical Review A,
  • Physical Review B,
  • Physical Review Letters, and
  • Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA).
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Chemistry, Physics 
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3: Interlibrary loan policy: Licensee may download and print individual articles that are then faxed, mailed or hand-delivered to a requester under Licensee's interlibrary loan procedures, so long asthe requesting institution is a noncommercial library located in the same country as Licensee. No other form of electronic transmission or forwarding of material is permitted. 
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8: Usage Rights of Lapsed Subscribers. APS will use reasonable efforts to retain in an archive allelectronic information published by the American Physical Society. The Subscriber will be giventhe option to purchase a physical archive copy, for example a CD-ROM, of the content in theOnline Journal, starting with the 2000 subscription year and published during the term for which a paid subscription was maintained. The Subscriber will be permitted to copy that content from the physical archive copy to the Institution's information systems and redistribute that content to Authorized Users within the Authorized Site. Any hardware or software required to distribute content from the archive copy will be the responsibility of the Subscriber. The definitions of Authorized Users and allowed and prohibited uses as provided in this Agreement shall otherwise apply to the use of the archive copy. Upon lapse of subscription, no additional service is provided. 
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