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UlrichsWeb is the online edition of Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory It is an authoritative source of detailed information on periodicals (also called serials) of all types: academic and scholarly journals, e-journals, peer-reviewed titles, popular magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and more.
A wide-ranging database which covers all countries and areas and selected series from more than 30 specialized international data sources, this source contains more than eight million data elements in more than 300 statistical series.
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The Digital Library provides access to UN documents, voting data, speeches, maps, and open access publications.
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The Official Document System (ODS) is a database of UN documents containing fulltext, born-digital UN documents published from 1993 onward. It includes documents of the Security Council, the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council and their subsidiaries, as well as administrative issuances and other documents. The database also includes scanned documents published between 1946 and 1993, including all resolutions of the principal organs, all documents of the Security Council and the General Assembly Official Records. Documents are available in the official languages of the UN; some documents are also available in German.
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University of Chicago Press Journals is a multidisciplinary collection of peer-reviewed journals published by University of Chicago Press. It contains material across a range of disciplines from the sciences, social sciences and humanities.
US Newsstream features American newspapers, newswires, blogs, and news sites in active full-text format.
US Patent and Trademark Office provides access to databases containing patent information for the general public. Patents issued from 1790 through 1975 are searchable only by patent number and current US classifications. US Patent Classification data in the full-text database (Current US Classification) is frequently updated to reflect the most current PTO Master Classification File, and will not necessarily match the classification data which appears on the patent full-page images (i.e., the printed patent) or on the Patent Classification pages. The Issued Patents Full-Text Database contains patent full text as it was printed on the patent on the day of issue.
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