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The PARLINE database (a derivative of parliaments on-Line) has been developed by the Inter-Parliamentary Union and is regularly updated on the basis of official information provided by national Parliaments. For all countries where a national legislature exists, the database provides: general information on each of the parliament's chambers; description of the electoral system; results of the most recent elections; archive of past elections results; information on the presidency of each chamber; information on the mandate and status of members of parliament.
PARLIT (a derivative of Parliaments and Literature) is a unique database of bibliographic references on the role, structure and working methods of national parliaments, and on electoral systems, constitutional law, history and political science. The database currently includes references to over 7,000 books and studies as well as 30,000 articles taken from 160 periodicals used as information sources. Coverage is from 1992 to 2002.
Peace Research Abstracts includes bibliographic records covering essential areas related to peace research, including conflict resolution, international affairs, peace psychology, and other areas of key relevance to the discipline. The index contains 245,000 records, which are carefully selected from the most important sources within the discipline.
A digitization of Bruce Peel's Bibliography of the Prairie Provinces, enhanced with clickable links to works sharing the same subject heading, and links, where available, to Early Canadiana Online. There is much Manitoban content.
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The Penn World Table provides purchasing power parity and national income accounts converted to international prices for 188 countries for some or all of the years 1950-2004. The European Union or the OECD provide more detailed purchasing power and real product estimates for their countries and the World Bank makes current price estimates for most PWT countries at the GDP level.
Periodicals Archive Online provides access to backfiles of scholarly periodicals in the arts, humanities and social sciences.
Perseus is a program of electronic publishing of scientific journals in the humanities and social sciences.
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The Perseus Project is a non-profit digital library project of Tufts University (which is hosted by the Department of Classics) that assembles digital collections of primary and secondary sources in the Humanities.
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Le Petit Robert is an authoritative French dictionary that contains all content found in the print work of the same name, as well as additional content.
The Philosopher's Index provides indexing and abstracts from books and journals of philosophy and related fields. It covers the areas of ethics, aesthetics, social philosophy, political philosophy, epistemology, and metaphysic logic as well as material on the philosophy of law, religion, science, history, education, and language.
The Philosophy Documentation Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to materials in applied ethics, classics, philosophy, and religious studies.
APS is a collection of journals published by the American Physical Society in field of Physics.
Full-text access is only available for a few select titles.
All branches of physics, including particle physics, geophysics and geomorphology.
PILOTS: Published International Literature On Traumatic Stress provides citations and abstracts on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health conditions.
Plant Science is a bibliographic database containing citations and abstracts of scientific literature on plant science, focussing on all plant scientific aspects, especially on pathology, symbiosis, biochemistry, genetics, biotechnology, techniques and environmental biology. Over 250 primary research journals are scanned by specialized scientific editors to add approximately 23,000 titles to the database each year. From July 1996 onwards, informative abstracts have been added when available.
A growing, full-text archive of more than 3,000 poems in English by more than 250 poets of all periods, including poems and critical essays from back issues of Poetry. The faceted interface allows the poems to be searched by almost any conceivable criterion, such as era, author, title, genre, theme, occasion, or reading level.
Population Index is the primary reference tool to the world's population literature. It presents an annotated bibliography of recently published books, journal articles, working papers, and other materials on population topics. This website provides a searchable and browsable database containing 46,035 abstracts of demographic literature published in Population Index in the period 1986-2000.
This database provides full text for nearly 70 popular, magazines for elementary school research. All full text articles included in the database are assigned a reading level indicator (Lexiles), and full text information dates as far back as 1990.
The PrimateLit database provides bibliographic access to the scientific literature on nonhuman primates for the research and educational communities. Coverage of the database spans 1940 to present and includes all publication categories (articles, books, abstracts, technical reports, dissertations, book chapters, etc.) and many subject areas (behavior, colony management, ecology, reproduction, field studies, disease models, veterinary science, psychology, physiology, pharmacology, evolution, taxonomy, developmental and molecular biology, genetics and zoogeography).
Project MUSE ejournals: Premium Collection provides online access to journals in the humanities, arts, and social sciences, of which many are from the world's leading university presses and scholarly societies.
ProQuest Central is a multidisciplinary periodical/journal and news resource that brings together databases across many major subject areas.
ProQuest Dissertations & Theses provides bibliographic citations and abstracts for a collection of dissertations and theses from around the world.
The ProQuest platform is a multidisciplinary platform that provides access and cross-searching to our different ProQuest databases.
Provenšal is an ARTFL database of a collection of poetry from Provence in France dating from 1130 to 1300 CE.
A searchable full-text collection of nearly 140,000 articles from about 60 peer-reviewed journals published by the American Psychological Association and 4 from allied organizations. All PsycArticles are linked to in PsycInfo.
PsycCritiques is a database of full-text book reviews in psychology. The database replaces the print journal Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books, and provides reviews of current books and some films, as well as a ten-year backfile.
Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection provides access to more than 530 full-text journals.
PsycINFO contains abstracts of scholarly journal articles, book chapters, books, and dissertations, and is the largest resource devoted to peer-reviewed literature in behavioral science and mental health.
PubMed is the U.S. National Library of Medicine's free, web searchable database which includes the online version of Index Medicus. It is an international index to biomedical research covering medicine, bio-medical sciences, and psychiatry and contains indexing and citation from 1946 to present, and provides access to open access articles.
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