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Best Bets

Canadian Newsstream: Major Dailies (formerly Canadian Newsstand) (ProQuest)
Canadian Newsstream provides access to full text of over 21 Canadian newspapers, including the Vancouver Sun and Globe & Mail.
Globe & Mail: Canada's Heritage from 1844 (ProQuest)
This database provides the ease of searching the Proquest interface along with the option to view the complete page image content from the Globe & Mail newspaper (including advertisements, obituaries, etc.) from 1844 through 2011.
Proquest Digital Microfilm - Vancouver Sun (Proquest)
This database provides the full-image newspaper of the Vancouver Sun, starting in 2011. This database may be browsed by date and page, but is not keyword searchable. Please click on "about this database" for important information on optimal browser settings. Note: pages may be slow to load.

Also Try...

BC Newspaper and BC Periodical Index 1991 - 2007 (Legislative Assembly of British Columbia)
This database provides a selective index to the Province, Vancouver Sun and Victoria Times Colonist, plus other B.C. periodicals. See Canadian Newsstand for other Canadian newspapers and full text access.
British Colonist, 1858-1910 (University of Victoria)
This website contains all the issues of the British Colonist (also called The Daily British Colonist, the Daily Colonist, and other variants) from its first issue in 1858 to June of 1910; every page is searchable.
British Columbia Historical Newspapers (UBC Library)
This database features digitized versions of 24 historical newspapers from around British Columbia.
Chilliwack Progress
This database provides the digitized version of The Chilliwack Progress newspaper from 1891 to 2007.
CPI-Q (Gale)
Canadian-focused journals, magazines, newspapers (including local B.C. newspapers), and reference sources.
Google News Archive (Google)
This open access database provides archived full text articles of newspapers from around the world.
New York Times (The New York Times)
This resource provides full text articles from The New York Times for the past 7 days as well as those published after 1987, together with those articles in the Public Domain from 1851-1922.
Peel's Prairie Free Newspapers (University of Alberta)
This database features digitized versions of historical newspapers from the Prairies.
Points to the Past (Gale Cengage)
This resource provides access to nearly 200 million pages of searchable primary source materials, including maps, photos, newspapers, manuscripts, pamphlets, portraits, sermons, poems. It is freely available to residents living in British Columbia.
South Asian Migration: 1906-1915 The Province (Vancouver, BC) articles (Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies)
This databases provides digitized newspaper articles and their transcription related to South Asian Migration, 1906-1915, in The Province.
Times Digital Archive, 1785-1985 (Infotrac (Gale))
This digitized version of The Times (of London) includes every page of the newspaper, including articles, editorials, advertisements, birth and death announcements, photos and illustrations.